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United States of America

7% of americans think...

This is a scary statistic that is often over estimated. Many political and social analysts actually believe that the number may be low as 3%.

Posted by Mzebonga on Thursday, 4th September 2003

I mean, I have to say that I don't know 7% of Americans, it's probably about the percentage that are worth knowing, although, I don't understand the significance of 7%... Is this the percentage that like this site? If so, I am honestly shocked...

I would have expected it to be way lower. Like closer to 0%.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 17th September 2003

7% of americans have figured out how to pull their heads out of their arse. (trust me, i should know)

Posted by Empriss Nikon on Thursday, 18th September 2003

American Idiot

Green Day don't want to be an American idiot. That's nice for them but it does imply that being another kind of idiot is, in some way, better.

Might I point to the manifold nations where idiots are just as stupid: France, the United Kingdom, Canada and, of course, the Vatican - oh yes, the Vatican is a separate nation.

The next song that Green Day do will be entitled: "I don't want to be Festus".

Posted by Mzebonga on Sunday, 2nd April 2006

Response To Kyoto

Posted by Mzebonga on Thursday, 16th January 2003

The State of the Union

The State of the Union Address is an annual event in which the President of the United States reports on the status of the country, normally to a joint session of the U.S. Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate). The address is also used to outline the President's legislative proposals for the upcoming year.

Posted by JCP on Friday, 27th May 2005

The US, Cuba and Oil

Ha ha ha ha!

Go on, Bush. Go kiss Castro's ass for a few thousand more barrels a week.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 7th September 2005