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United Kingdom

When Mzebonga comes to visit, well have the following to make him feel more at home while hes here in Canada:
Fish and chips.
Copies of the Queen's portrait in copper.
Pet Shop Boys CDs.
Monty Python DVDs. (Just to watch, not to keep.)
Well drive on the other side of the road.
Large rocks stuck in the ground for some reason.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 3rd July 2004

Proud to be British!?
Why then, do we have Eastender (retch), Coronation Street, (heave) and Emmerdale (projectile vomit).
Whereas our American brethren produce "House" (swoon), "CSI" (giddy delight) and "West Wing" (increasing excitement). I suppose they produce shit, but fortunately I am unaware of it!

Posted by Festus on Sunday, 19th February 2006

British Accents

are damn sexy. it could be coming from some outrageously obese man with scabes and it would still be sexy... to a lesser extent, but sexy none the less... Mzebonga's only redeeming quality really

Posted by Empriss Nikon on Saturday, 10th April 2004


England sucks dog dick. I say this in England. Mr P, do whatever to lose this for England now and the time when he eventually succeeds.

Sloppy getting off and generally sucking ass.

Posted by JCP on Thursday, 1st July 2004

It's like Canada - with history.

Posted by George on Thursday, 14th July 2005

Royal Family

As a Brit, I'd like to register my objections: I want our queen traded in. I mean, she's a good sort and she's really done little to harm anyone - quite the opposite: she is a very good monarch who has served this country well.


Queen Rania of Jordan

Seriously, I want a queen who looks like that. There's a monarch I could get into... If you catch my drift.

Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 30th December 2005

Psh, I'd still get into our Queen, look at that wicked smile of hers, you know she's a demon! PHWAR!

Posted by George on Saturday, 31st December 2005

Queen Rania is - uh - average I suppose? Looks too much like that awful Knightley bint to me! Give me Lizzie any day! Phwarrrrr!

Posted by Festus on Sunday, 1st January 2006


GAH ELEVEN HOURS IN THE CAR BOO TOO SCOTLAND, it's too far away... also the A80 was being REALLY ellusive... only GOD knows how I ended up in nottingham.

Posted by George on Monday, 11th July 2005

the Brits

Well the Brits produce a lot of shows and music that I like. Douglas Adams is one of my favorite authors! I can even admit that I might even get along with a few of the Brit bastards.

They're just grand. Without them, the word arse would have died decades ago.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 14th May 2005