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Time is what binds us, holds us and ages us. Actually, it kills most of us. But what would we be without time? Where would we be if we could not evolve over the course of time? Nowhere, nowhen and nothing.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 30th March 2002

To me time is going faster and faster ,day by day ,week by week ,month by month ,year by year . I have no idea where the time goes ,your weekends fly by like they weren't even there and all of a sudden your back at dreaded work again. People say time goes quicker when your older ,they weren't bloody wrong about that ,the question is can we get it back or slow it down. The only answer I can come up with to that is to win lotto so you don't have to work so you can laze the days away.

Posted by Ice Pryncess on Wednesday, 3rd April 2002

I have NONE today!

Posted by JCP on Sunday, 5th March 2006

Our time is our own. Yes, it is.
If we choose to do nothing with it, we get nothing out of it.
We while away a couple of hours watching a film which took 2 years to make.
On that basis, by the time we make up our mind to something we are dead.
Perhaps that is why I like Lord of the Rings?

Posted by Festus on Sunday, 18th June 2006