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The Simpsons

Mr Burns

Ahhh, the withered old bastard that he is, you can only admire his tenacity. He's an insane, yellow geriatric with a master plan for world domination and a gay lacky who adores him.

"Smithers, release the hounds!"

Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 20th June 2003

Ms Crabapple

Yeah - this bitch is seriously weird. She had some kind of hormonal implants a few years back to suppress her libido; well after all Skinner is bloody impotent! Anyway, poor cow ends up with a fucking hairy chest as a side effect, that an an ass the size of Mercury.

Posted by Festus on Wednesday, 27th August 2003

Principal Skinner

I was reading a journal recently highlighting a case study on Principal Skinner's acute personality disorder; I always knew the guy was a fucking basket case but he's a real brick chewer! Apparently - and this is from a confidential document - he sticks electrodes under Willy's foreskin, because it reminds him of Vietnam - Willy has not registered a formal complaint because he quite likes it. You know, Skinner thinks he's a woman who thinks she's a man who thinks he's a woman! All this despite narcolepsy, hypnotherapy and IV Bisto. And, well - as for that old bitch Crabapple . . . I've heard . . .

Posted by Festus on Monday, 25th August 2003