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In my day, skateboarding was something you did while sitting down on a wide board with large plastic wheels while racing your friends. Now it appears to be something you do outside convenience stores or bus depots while annoying and antagonising passers-by.

I prefer the old style, personally, as I seem to constantly be a passer-by nowadays.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 30th March 2002

Does anybody actually race skateboards anymore? I used to... I used to have the fastest skateboard in my town: specialist wheels, racing bearings - the lot!

These days, people just like to stand around in the middle of the town and try to do fancy things. What happened to feeling the need for speed?

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 30th January 2006

They're great fun to race around.
Right up until the point where you go flying off it and scrape your face and shoulder up.

But hey, scrapes are fun aren't they?
I healed up within the week.
(Funny enough, my skateboard was red and black.)

Posted by JCP on Monday, 30th January 2006