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I was listening to the couple downstairs yelling at each other and the worst of the shouting ended with "RIGHT! I'M LEAVING!" At this point, I stopped paying attention and watched TV instead.

I did, however, notice the next morning that a bunch of flowers had appeared in the window.

As if flowers are an adequate apology! Flowers should be things that people buy on the off chance as a simple romantic gesture - how come they suddenly mean "we yelled at each other and you wouldn't have sex with me: I'm sorry".

An apology is an apology and, as such, should solve the problem in itself. It shouldn't be something that is expressed with a cheap bunch of flowers from the nearest petrol station.

Posted by Mzebonga on Tuesday, 22nd November 2005

My stupid neighbours listen to their stupid music so loud that I can feel the vibrations through my chair.

It sounds a lot like: Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa-Thoompa.

It sucks.

Moreover, somewhere in that mess, they have a toddler trying to sleep. Some people should be spayed.

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 12th December 2005

We have some fucking retards next door...

"Duh... do me bitch"

Nah not like that, I mean some morons, they listen to TV at loud volumes at insane times, there seem to be about ninety of them and they don't talk to ANYONE.

On the other side we have Reggie, Psymon has spoken to Reggie the most, he's old and deaf. The perfect student's neighbour.

Posted by George on Monday, 12th December 2005


One of our housemates is a real bitch. Seriously now, I actually want to set fire to her hair. She would squeal like a good un. She loves watching SHIT on the television.

This annoys me. It's Chubster's TV DAMNIT. DIE DIE DIE.

My Rage is done for today.

Posted by George on Monday, 3rd October 2005