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Mobile Phones

When are they convenient and when are they annoying? The funny thing about Mobile Phones is that they are both at the same time.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 2nd January 2002

Mobile phones are very annoying especially when your cutting someones hair and their phone rings and they answer it, then it rings again another 3 times and they answer it every time thats not good mobile phone etiquette

Posted by Ice Pryncess on Thursday, 3rd January 2002

I'm amazed at how many mobile phones there are. Ones with cameras, ones with e-mails, ones that are personal organisers, ones that are hand-held games consoles.

Doesn't anybody just want to make a phone call anymore?

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 24th January 2005

People are always walking around yapping into cell phones. Most times I have no choice but to listen to them. The least they could do is talk about stuff I find interesting instead of their own stupid lives and bullshit.

What I hate the most is that moment where they begin talking on a phone you can't see (that's how small these things are now) and you think that they're talking to you.

You're all confused for a moment thinking "Are they talking to me?" and maybe even reply before you realize that they are on the phone.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 14th May 2005

Does anybody else find the default Nokia tone as annoying as I do?

I've actually taken to shouting "GET A NEW RINGTONE!" when I hear it.

Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 30th September 2005

I created this entry on my new BlackBerry. I'm such a yuppie cockbag.

Technology is awesome.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 22nd May 2010