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I used to drink a lot of it as a kid but I don't anymore.
It just doesn't taste the same to me anymore for some reason.

Posted by JCP on Wednesday, 7th September 2005

Here in Canada, there are commercials airing where teenagers are rapping about how milk is great. They dance and spell out M I L K to really shitty synthesizer music. The farmers standing there yank on their hats and pull them sideways. The tractors are all “pimped out” and bouncing along to the shit music.

This is what the milk industry has sunk to over here. In a sad attempt to make milk look cool, they've done these sad commercials. These commercials might have been cool for about 5 minutes in the early 80s when Wham! and other bands were kicking about and people were impressed with bad clothing and shit music, but in this day and age, it's just pathetic and wrong.

Leave milk alone you marketing morons. Bring back the simple and lame commercials so I don't have to put my TV on mute when these shit new commercials pollute my home. It’s just milk. MILK. It sells itself.

Posted by JCP on Tuesday, 7th February 2006


I love milkshakes and I make a mean milkshake.

Posted by Ice Pryncess on Sunday, 23rd December 2001