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Michael Jackson

Action Man's brother, only with more plastic and less singing talent. You know he's bad, he's bad, y'know, y'know. Eeeeeeee-heeeeee! Ow!

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 31st December 2001

Jacko Getting Off

It must be noted that he didn’t “get off” but was found “not guilty”.
Besides the obvious sexual connotations, getting off implies that he did commit these acts and got away with it. I have to admit that I didn't follow it, and since I wasn't there in the courtroom hearing all the evidence, I can't possibly claim to 'know' if he did what was claimed or not.

If he did do what was accused, then that’s awful that he was let free to do it again and I hope he’s caught and brought to justice before he harms more lives.

If he didn’t do what accused (and it seems that a jury didn’t believe he did), then those who claimed he did should seek help for themselves and their children. Lying about that sort of thing is just sickening.

Being a messed up freak doesn’t make you a child molester, touching kids sexually does.

Posted by JCP on Wednesday, 15th June 2005