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While I was in Texas, I was given a stupid FIG Federal bike light that was shaped like a heart. It consisted of a flashing LED mostly.

It must have become damaged in transit because, once I got back to the UK, it refused to flash. Strangely, while I was in Canada, I realised that it was flashing in my bag - I'd not really touched it since Texas and, because it refused to flash, it had remained there for lack of anywhere better to put it.

I just found it strange that, in the two places where I have been at my most content for years, it worked and yet, at home, during the humdrum, ho hum that constitutes my life, it refused to work.

Of course, I cleaned the contacts and refit the batteries this time and it works fine but I'll not forget my bizarre magical karma heart.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 13th August 2005