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Mzebonga pays me to post here. I get more money for requests than just my random postings.

I'm saving up for a sword.

And I don't want people writing in lame requests about love or relationships or gushy stupid stuff like that. Keep it simple so I can answer quickly, yet enough that Mzebonga can't claim that it wasn't REALLY a topic at all. (He's a cheap bastard.)

Ignore the rest of this site, and just send in a few requests so I can get a shiny sword.

Posted by JCP on Friday, 6th May 2005

Yea! I should be paid by the WORD!

I bet he's going to try to and say that I lied though. He'll make up some excuse about how he never said he'd pay me or anything like that. Mzebonga is a bastard.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 14th May 2005

I should get 200 pounds! That's maybe $50,000 Canadian!
Mzebonga really should get ready to send me that money, I'm getting closer every day.

Then I can buy fun stuff like dinosaurs.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 14th May 2005

It says that I will think if given incentives.
I clearly remember giving Mzebonga ice cream so that he would answer questions on my site.
I don't remember getting ANYTHING for posting on here.

So, Tiki, what is my incentive for posting here?
I demand pizza.

Posted by JCP on Wednesday, 10th August 2005

Yeah Mzebonga?! What happened to my night of passion?!?!

Posted by George on Wednesday, 10th August 2005

Whatever happened to working for the sake of doing a good job? For pride in ones work? Today's is such a mercenary workforce.

So to answer each of the questions:
JCP: The deal was Luxury Ice Cream and your Sister-in-Law. I received normal Ice Cream and your sister-in-law didn't even show me asscrack.

George: I offered no such incentive. Stop making things up.

Posted by Mzebonga on Thursday, 11th August 2005

I gave you QUALITY ice cream.
I promised she'd BE there, not that you could put your grubby Brit paws on her. And she WAS there, you got to sit beside her and everything.

You're just a whiner and a cheap bastard for not paying up.
I'm glad I spit in your ice cream when you weren't looking.

Posted by JCP on Thursday, 11th August 2005