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If you want to be a superstar at the Gay Bar like Electric Six describe but you're hindered by being heterosexual, here is a wonderful idea:
1. Raid the family planning clinic for condoms
2. Go to the Gay Bar
3. Hand out condoms to other punters
3. Bask in free drinks that are given to you by the grateful recipients
4. Get wasted, have a great time.

Posted by Mzebonga on Sunday, 15th June 2003

I'm glad to finally see this website get a bit more with the times and has stepped out of the closet. (Not only does Festus admit he puts in effort at sucking, but Mzebonga and George are on about blowing.)

Congratulations BogGoblin for making the internet a more tolerant place to be, and for not hiding your true nature. May you all be sucking and blowing for many years to come!

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 1st April 2006

You know how I know you're gay?

Because you smoke the purple headed womb ferret

Posted by George on Sunday, 16th April 2006