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Homeland Security

NSA Phone Tapping

I just don't know how NSA agents can do it. If I was listening in on some phonecall with some suspect (or, let's face it, they're just checking in on random people these days), I'd want to pull pranks on people.

When people are getting a bit "hot and heavy" on the phone, I'd want to say things like "Excuse me, sir/ma'am, this is the NSA, I don't think that's particularly appropriate".

If they start calling each other things like "pookems" or "flossy", I'd want snicker quietly in the background.

These are good ideas, I think the NSA should run with it as a programme. So I'll just get their attention: Osama Bin Laden, Mohammed, Jihad, Infidels, Al Qaeda, Bomb, Assassination and, um, I don't know, Buttplug.

Posted by Mzebonga on Tuesday, 16th May 2006