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So I had one day off this week when everyone else had to come in. That day was yesterday. Today, I came in to find a banner, that's right, a BANNER, welcoming me back to work.

I was off for one day.

Notes were all over my desk, asking politely for items to be printed etc. Apparently, my one co-worker literally stares at her darkened monitor, afraid to touch the computer if I'm not there. So yesterday, nothing was done on the computer.

I was off for one day.

Coffee was brought in along with a muffin, and I was thanked for coming back. Being told repeatedly that I was greatly missed feels nice and all, but come on, I was only gone for one day.

What will they all do when I quit?

Posted by JCP on Wednesday, 26th May 2004

I want a holiday. I have earned a holiday. I AM going on holiday. Please, let me go on holiday.


Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 17th June 2005

Public Holidays

Bank Holidays are great because you get an extra day to do nothing on.

My only issue is that Bank Holiday Monday's give rise to Tuesday Monday feelings where you don't want to be back at work because you've had some time off.

Posted by Mzebonga on Tuesday, 30th August 2005

I need these so I can feel better overall.
Four ten hour days are better than five 8 hour days.
I know you Brits work 2 hours every other week but here in Canada, our 40 hour work weeks are simply annoying.

Posted by JCP on Monday, 3rd April 2006