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Short Men

Having known a few men of less that 5'8" in height, they all seem desperately to be wanting to make up for something by drinking/fighting more than anyone of considerably more height and overall mass.

Listen guys, there are plenty of short women who won't find you overly or amusingly short.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 31st August 2005

They don't look so short to me.


Posted by JCP on Thursday, 1st September 2005

As a tall man (DON'T LAUGH) I can vouch that this is true, short men are all angry bastards. Tall people are cuddly and nice.

Why is it that it's always us tallies that old women try to avoid in the street and cross the road. I Put it to you BogGobliners that it's the fucking crazed midgets you need to look for. Remember they throw VERY well.

Posted by George on Thursday, 1st September 2005