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Grand Theft Auto

Drive two wheels up onto the pavement, honk your horn and shout:


Posted by Dave Dingle on Friday, 27th August 2004

GTA San Andreas

Yea, this game rocks.
Mzebonga was going on about it so much that I went home and played it last night for a while. It was great. I got up to four stars, then sat in a parking garage and listened to some tunes for a while as the cops circled the garage. I then took a motorcycle and went off the top of the building. The cops chased me for a while longer before finally the 5th star lit up and one of their snipers from the helicopter killed me.

Good times.

Posted by JCP on Wednesday, 10th August 2005

GTA: San Andreas

I played this a lot whilst in Canada and I now have the burning desire to steal motorbikes, evade cops and punch hapless passers-by.

Not that I didn't feel that before but it has now made itself more apparent.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 10th August 2005

I have to admit that, despite the criminal nature of this game, I love it. I love the beating people and shooting people and running them down. This is the game that stops me wanting to do all of this in real life.

Moreover, I found a copy in PC World that was labelled up to 10 less than the actual price and, in accordance with the law, I got the item for that price. If PC World are going to be slack and lazy about labelling their goods, I am going to enjoy stiffing them out of 10 on each occasion.

Mostly because I hate the Dixons Group to which they belong.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 27th August 2005