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George Best

Let's be controversial:
Yes, he was a talented footballer and, yes, it's side that he had to die in such an awful manner.

BUT, if you're going to drink yourself into an early grave, you have no one but yourself to blame.

I know when I drink myself into my early grave, I will blame myself entirely.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 26th November 2005

Besides having a trully awesome name, George Best was without a doubt the finest footballer ever to emerge from the British Isles.

Unfortunately the poor cunt was two sultanas short of a couple of sultanas. He was out to lunch, in fact he was out for as many meals as you could possibly imagine, by all accounts he wasn't the greatest human being in the world, his drinking cost him much more than his life.

But the thing that saves George Best was the choked up speech his son Callum gave to the media, this grown man was completely broken: Thus George Best was a loved man.

And Loved men dying young is a tragedy, no matter what the cause.

Posted by George on Saturday, 26th November 2005