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Friday 13th

Death and carnage, murder and mayhem! Coming to you!

Posted by JCP on Friday, 13th May 2005

Today is my 24.5th birthday. It is a happy day! Yay!

Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 13th January 2006

It's a day of evil and ill-will so you must all obey me.
First, I demand more coffee.
Second, I demand pizza.
Third, I demand more coffee.
Fourth, I demand one of you to dance before me in a monkey outfit so I may laugh.

That is all for now.

Posted by JCP on Friday, 13th January 2006

I decided to clean my room on this fateful day.

I found a bad mini chedder hidden under my desk, he jumped up, held a gun to my head and nicked my wallet.

I should clean my room more often.

Posted by George on Friday, 13th January 2006