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Mel Gibson was just talking arse about "never taking their freedom". Freedom has been taken many times in history. Most notably of late, Freedom of choice and self-determination has been somewhat on the wane.

Everything gets called Freedom, these days. They knock down the World Trade Centre and they put the "Freedom Tower" in its place.

Truth be told, the WTO has actually been a guardian of Freedom many times in the past, most notably directly after September 11th when they judged moves by the Bush administration to increase tarriffs on steel imports from Europe in order to create favourable terms for inefficient and over-priced US steel manufacturers.

I don't think that the US considered the WTO to be helping the cause of "Freedom" much on that occasion but here they are naming a tower in which they will more than likely be based "Freedom Tower".

So, what is this Freedom that Bush and his cronies keep on jabbering on about? It's a media creation. It's a ticket to aggressively follow American issues on an ardently conservative Christian manifesto. Moreover, it helps garner support amongst conservative issues for the unpopular War on Terror (which no longer has much to do with Terrorists) by constantly drawing on an horrific attack on America soil.

What a crock.

Posted by Mzebonga on Sunday, 31st July 2005