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Forms are the bane of modern existence. "I need a life-saving operation!" "Please sign these forms..." "I want to kill myself!" "Please sign these forms..." "I'm a Garden Gnome!" "Please sign these forms..."

Moreover, when you've finished it, you mail it to the central bureaucracy who put it in a large pile and stare at it for a few weeks then send it back to you because you missed one small but vital box. You complete that and wait another 3 weeks for them to do anything with it.

Posted by Mzebonga on Tuesday, 29th November 2005

The only thing worse than LOADS of red tape is NONE.

I've been at my current job for nigh on three months now, I have not even SEEN a contract, let alone signed one, on presenting them with my P45 they hastily posted it, but no-one is quite sure to whom.

As a result of this from my measly 530 pay, I have just paid 130 in tax.

Still. 400. WOO!

Posted by George on Tuesday, 29th November 2005