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Food is great. They say you are what you eat. I'm inclined not to believe them as my leg does not resemble a portion of oven chips and my arse is not made up of american style four cheese pizza. Still, food is fantabulous.

Posted by Mzebonga on Saturday, 19th January 2002

"I think everyone should kill what they eat. What do you think? Are you content, being desensitzed to the fact that someone else is doing the butchering? Are you the kind of person that will eat an animal as long as you don't have to watch it die? Just wondering.I don't hate vegans. I just love meat, but for that, they hate me."

I'm vegetarian. I am because I don't like meat and I do like animals. I would rather have a cow in a field that some beef in a fridge. I don't hate people for eating meat, I don't condone any action where people try to force an alternate way of thinking on another person.

However, there are enough people in the world with pre-determined opinions that being able to discuss the idea like adults is impossible.

Posted by Mzebonga on Tuesday, 3rd February 2004

I put on pants, so FEED ME ALREADY.
There is nothing worse then sitting around waiting to go out and get food. I'M HUNGRY NOW!

Posted by JCP on Sunday, 16th May 2004

When I shop for food, I do so by reading the instructions.
If it's anything beyond two steps, it's not for me.

Posted by JCP on Thursday, 27th May 2004

I just steamed me a fine cod fillet.

THAT is cooking.

It was fucking tasty.

My cod didn't have cerbral cortex, it knew no pain.

That makes me happy.

Posted by George on Tuesday, 13th December 2005
(Requested by George's Little Brother on Tuesday, 13th December 2005)

There are two things in life I love above all others: eating and sleeping.

I have gorged myself so much this week (fast food and pub lunches) that I have had indigestion and can't sleep properly.

This sucks.

Posted by Mzebonga on Sunday, 25th December 2005

When I am annoyed, I eat. I have choc ices in my freezer.

Mmmmmmmmm.... Chocolate.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 9th August 2006

Fast Food

Guide for Vegetarians:

Wendys - Good fries, no veggie burgers.
Harveys - Good veggie burgers, horrible fries.
McDonald - Ok fries, ok veggie burger.
Burger King - Ok fries, always screw up the veggie burger.

Posted by JCP on Friday, 21st May 2004

So there are commercials where this guy Jared loses a bunch of weight by eating Subway and exercising. Great, good for him.

Now, what people are doing is going into Subway, and saying "We're here because we're trying to get healthy."

They then proceed to order a three meat sub on a cheese bun, with extra mayo, extra cheese, and every other topping possible. Then, it's washed down with a soda and a bag of chips.


That guy lost weight by eating simple subs AND EXERCISING. The ONLY way you lose weight is to eat properly and get off your fat lazy ass. I see commercials every day pushing diet pills and it says right in the commercial that with proper diet and exercise and the pill you will become thin. WITHOUT the pill you'd lose weight AND be healthier because you're not taking pills!

Posted by JCP on Thursday, 17th February 2005

Junk Food

Making children fat is to be outlawed in schools across the country because there are enough fat people in the US to feed the whole of Africa and South East Asia into the next century.


Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 28th September 2005

lentil soup

ingredients: water, lentils, celery, spinach, tomato paste, salt, dehydrated onions, vegetable oil (canola or soybean), spice

no matter what anyone says... this is not appealing to me... even the wrapping on it shows the soup and all it does is make me want to bury it out the back with everything else i never wanted to see again (except for jcp and Mzebonga who crawled their way out)... so in the meantime i'm left here with this can sitting and staring at me while i think about how much i hate lentil soup and everything associated with it...

Posted by DC on Wednesday, 5th November 2003