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Where would we be without feet? Sat on our arses that's where!
Damn! I've just realised, I don't need my feet.

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 31st December 2001

You know that dark, dubious fluff which collects between your toes? Possibly a collection of dead skin and fungus? Well leave it; it makes for extra insulation - keeps your feet warm - and ripe!!!

Posted by Festus on Saturday, 8th February 2003

Two nights ago my feet were FREEZING.
I should really learn to bring two pairs of socks around with me no matter where I go for when this happens.

Posted by JCP on Tuesday, 6th September 2005

Smelly Feet

don't like em

Posted by Empriss Nikon on Monday, 1st September 2003


When I was young I remember putting my big toe (freshly washed mind you) into my mouth just once to see what it tasted like. I don't recall the taste, but lately I've discovered that I could probably do this still and find out again.
I just can't bring myself to do it.
I guess I've finally grown up.

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 15th May 2004