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Fat People

I really do not want to appear offensive - get this straight. I like a "girl with good coverage". But why, why, why do you sweet ladies who carry a few extra pounds wear 'skin-tight' leggings? It looks awful and can do no favours, surely? One can see every mound, ripple and dimple. I would just like to know why there is this compulsion for the larger lady to wear this second skin. To me is just compounds the "largeness", making the wearer look even bigger. In some extreme cases it can look positively disgusting. So, NOTHING wrong with being big - right? But get rid of "tubes". I can only guess that it is because they are comfortable. Well - the price of comfort!!! Do yourself a favour. Love you girls but ditch the strides!

Posted by Festus on Sunday, 24th November 2002

Hey! You know it is not just the chicks. What about the fat guys who wear trousers with the waist-bands which sit just above their family jewels. The resulting appearance of copious amounts of heaving flesh rolling over their belts is truly disgusting. I guess they haven't seen their dicks in eons. The only time they can see to have a slash is when they are "piss-proud". Be fat if you have to (be free man); but please dignify it.

Posted by Festus on Tuesday, 3rd December 2002


People are lazy and get fat.
People find a lazy way to get rid of fat.
Lazy, fat people get the cellulite vacuumed out of their sorry asses.
Lazy, fat people go home and proceed to be lazy and get fat again.

It's all just an excuse for stupid, lazy people to remain stupid and lazy.

Posted by Mzebonga on Friday, 27th January 2006