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I lived opposite this fat little criminal for much of my young life. He was a thief and a moron: he once (whilst very young) attempted to write a note saying "Im verry porly and canot cum to the shop. Can yoo giv my sun sum cigarets as I canot cum to the shop?"

The kid was an idiot. He also got caught robbing the post office.

Of course, his mother loved him. Swore blind that he was innocent. Bless her. In fact, looking back, I can believe that she was a big enough idiot to have written that note.

Posted by Mzebonga on Monday, 19th December 2005

My Grandfather in law was a hunter, he used to do stuff like catch animals in traps, or sometimes in his bare hands, alongside this he was a butcher, for both of these reasons he has large guns. This said I'm INCREDIBLY nice to him.

Posted by George on Sunday, 7th October 2007

Big Sisters

It's my experience that Big Sisters are control freaks. Not that it's necessarily a problem. Annoying, yes. A problem, no.

Posted by Mzebonga on Thursday, 21st July 2005


Yesterday at work I served a customer who had the exact right attitude to Cinema.

Basically it was a great experiance unless you had 4 year olds screaming their heads off whilst being observed by thier "Benevolent Socialist Fathers".

This is true. If you're a benevolent socialist father, stop being such a fucking pussy.

Posted by George on Sunday, 11th December 2005