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Now. Emo Kids. Yeah you should all fucking die.

Emo kids are the group of annoying little teenagers who think they fucking rule because they dress "Differantly" (Well, they all dress like each other) and listen to music that no other fucker has ever heard of. They this this is so cool that they actually delude themselves into thinking they like this bollocks, and then writing off any music they call "Mainstream" - Listen up you little fucking children, the only main stream you're ever going to have any knowlege on in life is the main stream I throw you in to fucking down, don't cry about it, just because you're "Conforming" cause we all die, you're conformists anyway, you suck and the world would be a better place without you.

REM and Maroon 5 are NOT pop bands, Kurt Cobain WASN'T conforming to the pop ideal when he recorded "Smells Like Teen Spirit" it WAS just a song about deodorant. If you're an emo kid, please just fucking stop. EVERYTHING..

Posted by George on Tuesday, 19th July 2005