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Emergency Services

There is a woman who lives across the hall from me. She is elderly and in a wheelchair. She is not unwell, simply unable to walk and care for herself completely.

Every week for the past month, ambulances and fire trucks have been visiting here several times a week. (For those wondering why fire trucks, we have a system here where usually two of three emergency services respond to a call, usually ambulance and either fire or police.) While this is a waste of time and money on non-emergency events, she IS being fined for these useless calls. It seems that our health care covers TWO ambulance trips a year. So far this week I've already seen them here twice. I may have missed a few late night visits. These fines are not cheap.

Nurses also visit her daily in her apartment. She is NOT deathly ill, simply requires full time assistance. She gets scared while alone and calls for an ambulance when she can't get off the couch.

All of this BEGS the question, why is this woman not in a home where she can feel safe and be cared for by professionals full time? Why has her daughter refused to help her mother and instead simply paying the fines? At what point is this considered elderly abuse but NOT putting her in a proper home to be cared for?

Posted by JCP on Thursday, 22nd December 2005


Ah, the number for the emergency services.

Hello? I would like some attractive women to come and rescue me from work. They can take me away in their fire engine, give me mouth to mouth and then cuff me in a small room if they want.

Whatever works.

Posted by Mzebonga on Thursday, 18th August 2005


If you yell "999!" in the middle of the street in England a bunch of policemen come running.

Posted by George on Wednesday, 14th September 2005