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Officially my answer is that I do not dance.

There have been moments where I have been known to start dancing/tossing myself about in public places when horrible music comes on. I also ‘rock out’ on my own in my apartment for the enjoyment of my cat. Those moments do not count as dancing though.

I do not dance.

(Oh LOOK, I got #666. How fitting!)

Posted by JCP on Saturday, 14th May 2005

There was a time when I had rythmn and agility many years ago.

These days, I can't dance for toffee and women seem to want me to. I've yet to find an adequate excuse for this problem.

Posted by Mzebonga on Wednesday, 28th September 2005

I work with a girl who does modern dance, yeah, she'd get it.

Posted by George on Wednesday, 12th October 2005
(Requested by George's Little Brother on Wednesday, 12th October 2005)