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Okay! Fair enough; my teenage years were as boring as hell. It was bloody terrible. But today: yes today we have a new breed of arseholes. Why is that today's little "darlings" cannot stop themselves from taking the piss. They exude sarcasm and mindless wit. They take the piss out of anything and anybody. If they can't take the piss out of anything living they blast their bedroom doors with derogation and derision. It must be the result of some mutated gene. It's the "I must be vile, unpleasant, loathesome and above all sadly pathetic gene". All this fuelled by radioactive "mixer" drinks and copious amounts of nicotine. Would some nice level-headed teenager like to email me and tell me I've got it all wrong?

Posted by Festus on Saturday, 23rd November 2002

I mean really, who leaves a lovebite on someone's neck? WHY WOULD YOU DO IT? It's like saying "Yep, I had you now fuck off".

Actually come to think of it, that's pretty awesome.

Posted by George on Tuesday, 11th October 2005

According to a chav can be defined as:

A human sub-species also known as homo-inferior. They plan to conquer the world by lowering the nations IQ to single didgit numbers, like themselves. They do this by subjecting those around them to monotonus rap music and brandnames. They are braindead, almost zombie like. They are currently hatching a co-plot to ruin the English language through Abreveation and talking like they havn't got a tongue.

(phonetics) "welw den mush, init dat way den bruv! CHIKEN LAY AN EEEEG BOI!"

I was accosted by chavs the other day in Bath for the first time since moving here, I laughed at them, smack up in their face, this confused them and they left, but they WERE brave enough to yell something undeterminable in my general direction when they were about fifty yards away. Bless them.

Posted by George on Wednesday, 26th October 2005