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so some guy is talking to me about crashing cars and how we'll never be apart... i slapped him a few times... hoping to have him suddenly make sense... but it didn't work... he speaks of souls left behind... i checked my pockets and found mine...

i had no idea why he insisted i be his whore... i realized that he was one of those people who's PURPOSE is to go out and confuse the hell out of me... i haven't found my PURPOSE yet... so if you've seen it then mail it to me and i'll send you a box full of stuff i don't need or like...

Posted by DC on Tuesday, 10th December 2002

This is a new development for the idiots that live around me in the shit town of Kitchener-Waterloo. While waiting in drive thru's, they now honk. That's right. They sit there while waiting and honk, thinking that it will somehow speed up the process and allow them to get their food quicker.
These people are complete idiots and should all be sterilized.
At the very least, I hope the idiots honking choke on their sickening fast food as they're driving and crash into telephone poles.

Posted by JCP on Tuesday, 22nd June 2004