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Carrots don't make a fuss because they are fucking vegetables. And judging by his inability to draw the difference between Carrots and people, I would guess that Festus is too.

Posted by Dave Dingle on Saturday, 16th November 2002

I refer my learned friends to the tacky issue of carrots. Such is the general decay that I find solace in carrots. Bomber Bush can't wait to pull the trigger, Sadam Hussein can't wait for him to do it. Tony Blair cannot stop smiling; his jaw fixed in some horrific spasm. The guy must have shares in Colgate (although I understand he has terminal halitosis).
A child killer dies in ignominy and gets headline news across the board. As if we could forget! Firemen strike - some don't - because they want to be rich. Don't we all? They do a fantastic job and I doth my cap to them, but surely such blatant greed and avarice cannot be supported. Asylum seekers are desperate to get into this country whilst more nationals want to get out!
And through all of this the humble carrot prevails. It doesn't make a fuss, it just gets on with being a carrot. So, let's hear it for carrots! Parsnips are good too!

Posted by Festus on Saturday, 16th November 2002

Carrots are "fucking vegetables" give the prat a medal! However, pal, there are a lot of notable and prolific people who behave like fucking vegetables - give the fucking carrots anytime.

Posted by Festus on Saturday, 16th November 2002