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I'd love to work with animals to bad I'm allergic to them???

Posted by Ice Pryncess on Sunday, 23rd December 2001

I guess that it is a cruel irony that the latest United Nations survey on "the state of the planet" submits that a further 24% of mammals and 12% of birds will be extinct by 2030! Who gives a toss? Some might say? Well this animal does!! Why are we not threatened with extinction. If we want to kills ourselves throught mindless and moronic activity, tough shit on us kid! Why is it the innocent who get the drop kick? Hey Buster, what has a beautiful Arabian Gazelle ever done to piss you off? Boring!?? Well, they go . . . we go, eventually! Festus is concerned, so should you be!! Here endeth the last lesson.

Posted by Festus on Wednesday, 22nd May 2002