BogBanter is what happens when you give a small number typewriters to a similar number of monkeys: far from the works of Shakespeare, you get this tripe.
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George giggles over a rude word and Festus throws a spontaneous hissy fit. (from the All About section)
Ran from Friday, 2nd June 2006 to Thursday, 6th July 2006 (34 days)
Suggested by George on Friday, 2nd June 2006

George (Friday, 2nd June 2006, 00:00) : hehehe cock...

hehehehehehehe..... cock

Yes it's true I'm back in swindon for quarter of a year, I'm going to be even WORSE now I'm surrounded by these cretins.

George (Friday, 2nd June 2006, 00:00) : While typing that last message the TALLEST MAN IN THE WORLD walked past our front garden, he was like a skinny version of Collosus...

hehe.... colostomy

Festus (Friday, 2nd June 2006, 00:00) : Well Georgie Boy. That is something we have in common.
3 months in Swindon - ughhhh!
You have my sympathy - maybe you are not such a bad lad after all. Just lay off the cock a bit.
Hee hee hee - lay off the cock - as if?

Festus (Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 00:00) : Each day I am getting angrier and angrier.
I am bitter and resentful.
I need a shrink.
But a hug will suffice.
Gimme a hug please!

Festus (Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 00:00) : So much for brotherly love? Bastards!!!

JCP (Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 00:00) : I think that Festus has finally gone over the edge.
It's time for him to be admitted into a home.
Just a home? No, a special home where they give you jackets that make you hug yourself. Festus could sure use a hug, even if it's just from himself. (For some reason, I get the feeling he knows a lot about these types of homes.)

Don't worry Festus, we'll all come and visit you, even George. He'll like that you're restrained and probably give you an extra special hug that will leave you crying and unable to sit properly for a week.

Festus (Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 00:00) : Uggghhhh!
I know far too much about 'those homes' and I can pick my way out of a straight jacket. Anyway - that's no good!
You don't get hugs in there.
I'll take that as a hug JCP - thank you.
Of course this is strictly platonic!

George (Wednesday, 7th June 2006, 00:00) : I love you Festiepookins, you beautiful hunk of old man!

It's okay cause I have a season ticket to the Special Place and I can visit you EVERY DAY.

In fact I can arrange it so that I'd be the only human you see for the rest of your life! That'll be fun!