BogBanter is what happens when you give a small number typewriters to a similar number of monkeys: far from the works of Shakespeare, you get this tripe.
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Like A Gorilla's Dick

Words cannot describe (from the All About section)
Ran from Tuesday, 5th December 2006 to Monday, 29th January 2007 (55 days)
Suggested by George on Tuesday, 5th December 2006

George (Tuesday, 5th December 2006, 00:00) : Busy on here innit?

Festus (Wednesday, 6th December 2006, 00:00) : Will soon be as quiet as the grave George! Sometimes you just realize you've gotta quit. After a million and one comebacks Festus really MUST go, there is nothing there anymore! You all stink and are nothing more than ugly bastards; I wouldn't piss on you if you were dying of thirst! Take care!

JCP (Wednesday, 17th January 2007, 00:00) : I had forgotten about this place.
Aww look, Festus left and returned again. Some things never change.
I suppose now I have to do a bit of spamming to somehow make up for my ignoring it but we all know it won't.

Festus (Friday, 19th January 2007, 00:00) : Now all I'll get is snide derision and a bollocking! Fuck 'em!

Festus (Friday, 19th January 2007, 00:00) : For those of you who are wondering. George is having a penis extension somewhere in Peru.

George (Monday, 29th January 2007, 00:00) : Yeah it's like a whole three inches bigger now.
That makes it a whopping 2.5 inches long.......

Festus (Monday, 29th January 2007, 00:00) : Oh - like a Gorilla's dick then?