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Festus Quits (Again)

One of a number of pointless and drawn-out resignations from Festus (from the All About section)
Ran from Friday, 24th February 2006 to Thursday, 9th March 2006 (13 days)
Suggested by Festus on Friday, 24th February 2006

Festus (Friday, 24th February 2006, 00:00) : Festus has - once and for all - at long last; left the fucking building!
Good fucking riddance!!!!

George (Friday, 24th February 2006, 00:00) : I got a fiver on his return being in a week or two..

Mzebonga (Friday, 24th February 2006, 00:00) : Is it safe to post again now?

I think the prospect of this exit lasting a week or two is hopelessly optimistic, I imagine that he can be easily goaded into returning far before that particular occasion.

JCP (Saturday, 25th February 2006, 00:00) : You guys crack me up.


JCP (Saturday, 25th February 2006, 00:00) : I've got $10 he'll be back this weekend.

And ok, so it's a Canadian $10 which means nothing to you Brits but let's pretend it does mean something.

JCP (Thursday, 2nd March 2006, 00:00) : Yea so I lost my money.
Festus didn't return within the weekend.
I hope he's happy with himself.
I could have gotten some pizza with that $10.

JCP (Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 00:00) : It's funny to note that Festus once had a go at George for swearing needlessly.

I bet if I mailed him a caseful of peeps he'd have swear words for me too. Not that I'd blame him in the least. So I'll mail them to Mzebonga. He swears at me regardless, so the little fuck deserves it.

Festus (Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 00:00) : Hey!
I do not have to take this shit!
Who the fuck swears needlessly? If I have a POV dude I'll fucking state it! You can take that to the bank and pay interest.
I have contacts you know? I know people. Anymore crap and I'll get Silvio on to it.

(Besides, this is the only opportunity I get for a good rant, I am NOT ALLOWED to swear. So, please do not dob me in.)

Good Night and Good Luck.

Mzebonga (Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 00:00) : Festus returned, I will collect my $10 when I visit along with the rest of the money you owe me for services rendered.

Festus (Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 00:00) : Festus comes and Festus goes - live with it or piss off.
That's the way it is!!!!
$10 is dirt cheap. Go $50 next time.

George (Thursday, 9th March 2006, 00:00) : Hmm isn't $10 around seven pence?