BogBanter is what happens when you give a small number typewriters to a similar number of monkeys: far from the works of Shakespeare, you get this tripe.
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JCP/George/Festus Conspiracy

JCP, George and Festus come up with wild conspiracies concerning each other (from the All About section)
Ran from Wednesday, 11th January 2006 to Friday, 13th January 2006 (2 days)
Suggested by George on Wednesday, 11th January 2006

George (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : Festus! Good, if you're still here then all will be well again

JCP (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : JCP and Festus both disappear around the same time and return the same day. SAME PERSON?
Oh wait, no we're not.

JCP (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : I think George and Festus are the same person.
Think about it, it makes sense doesn't it?

Festus (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : I am Geostus.
Schlemm - I am farguille in repolding phaspid urgwann. Too rhispkolm to meditate the emphaphim of crostikate.
Thank you.

George (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : I've not sworn on here in a while, so I feel like I need to say this:
They're fucking.

JCP (Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 00:00) : >SMACK<
I know you like the abuse but really, must we go THAT far?
I'm too good for any of you.
>plugs ears and hums so I can't hear anything else George says<

Festus (Thursday, 12th January 2006, 00:00) : GEORGE!!!
JCP might be a geezer for all I know!

George (Thursday, 12th January 2006, 00:00) : Festus, you're quite right, where JCP fills out the "Gender" part of forms she ticks the "Jury is still out" for that one....

JCP (Friday, 13th January 2006, 00:00) : Just because my dick is bigger than yours and I have more balls than you doesn’t make me a man. While it does make me more of a man than you, I'm actually female. That puts you square in the "It doesn't matter because no one is interested" category.

George (Friday, 13th January 2006, 00:00) : I do have a full set of male genitalia!

It's just mine's an inny......

JCP (Friday, 13th January 2006, 00:00) : Let's face it, compared to the rest of you, I AM THE MAN.
And I'm the only one who gets to touch boobs whenever I want too.
Yea, you're all jealous.
Now get on your knees bitches.