BogBanter is what happens when you give a small number typewriters to a similar number of monkeys: far from the works of Shakespeare, you get this tripe.
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It's Back!

After having the previous topic open for just 10 days shy of the 3-year mark, I have finally pulled my finger out and reprogrammed the BogBanter section!

Admittedly, last time I fixed this section, it was around only a month and a half before it broke.

Hopefully, this time will be a little more successful!
Ran from Sunday, 12th July 2009 to Tuesday, 8th September 2009 (58 days)
Suggested by Mzebonga on Sunday, 12th July 2009

Mzebonga (Sunday, 12th July 2009, 21:11) : Let the fun and games begin!

Mzebonga (Friday, 17th July 2009, 10:36) : Anytime now...

Mzebonga (Monday, 20th July 2009, 11:04) : No, really...

Mzebonga (Saturday, 25th July 2009, 08:53) : ...oh, come on!

Festus (Saturday, 25th July 2009, 20:31) : Oh , right - am I on next?

Mzebonga (Saturday, 25th July 2009, 21:51) : ...and much rejoicing was heard amongst the workers in the fields when they learned that another had joined "BogBanter".

And then they learned it was Festus. And they collectively groaned.

Oh well.

Mzebonga (Sunday, 26th July 2009, 23:23) : For the more eagle-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that I am slowly porting new Banter Topics in from insane babbling that took place on the old "All About" section.

Festus (Saturday, 1st August 2009, 09:13) : I've been fondling plums!

Mzebonga (Sunday, 2nd August 2009, 12:07) : Oh, god. Why do I even bother?

Festus (Monday, 10th August 2009, 20:22) : Because - if you didn't bother, no one else would!

Festus (Monday, 10th August 2009, 20:32) : Why is it that people remember more bad than good things ? What do you do against this ?

Mzebonga (Tuesday, 11th August 2009, 08:45) : Scientists have proven that it takes 5 good things happening to outweight/correct 1 bad thing happening.