BogBanter is what happens when you give a small number typewriters to a similar number of monkeys: far from the works of Shakespeare, you get this tripe.
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What is this Fritzled and why is the F so big? JCP responds to a comment that George made in this topic.
Date Opened: Wednesday, 17th March 2010 (3319 days old)
Suggested by JCP on Wednesday, 17th March 2010

Mzebonga (Wednesday, 17th March 2010, 20:17) : "Fritzled" is a good reason why George and I should talk more often. Comedy gold!

George (Monday, 19th April 2010, 18:49) : This is true. Advanced rapery at it's finest.

Mzebonga (Tuesday, 20th April 2010, 07:47) : Rapery is a good word. Or it would be if it were actually a word.

George (Wednesday, 21st April 2010, 08:19) : Hey if buggery is a word, then so should rapery, it's the same thing, just like, around the corner...

Mzebonga (Sunday, 25th April 2010, 21:52) : The act of wanting something to be does not make it so.

Moreover, the word "buggery" predates the existance of the word "bugger". The word "rape" does not predate the word "rapery".

It would probably be rapage anyway.

Festus (Friday, 7th May 2010, 17:49) : Then make it so Number One. What's this about buggery?

George (Friday, 21st May 2010, 07:52) : Nonono, rapage is like the "happy slapping" of rape, that like filming it for the internet so people that say words like n00b can say: "oMg ThTs LyK tTl RaPaGe".

These people need to be given consonants more urgently than welsh people.

And Festus with you; everything is about bugger.

Mzebonga (Friday, 21st May 2010, 17:56) : I thought the Welsh had an overload of consonants... It's vowels that they need.

I like the word "rapage". It reminds me of the word "rampage".

Rampage always resonates with me... Hmmm... Resonate is a good word too.