Current Contributors


BogGoblin came into existence on Wednesday, 3rd April 2002, although a small amount of it's content predates it.

It was originally called "What's Swahili For 'I Love You'?" and existed as a aberrant subsite within (itself nothing more than a pathetic vanity project).

In late 2001, What's Swahili For 'I Love You'? introduced its first section with an authomated script, the "All About" section (now Gitipedia). Slowly, it attracted new contributors and offered them new sections (Pissing Nigel began as part of What's Swahili's line-up but was quickly joined by a number of ill-fated sections throughout 2002)

BogGoblin reached its peak in 2003-2004, when JCP, George and Festus joined Mzebonga on the contributors list; forming a hard core that merely hurled abuse at one another (providing inspiration for the Insultathon).

The site's momentum waned during 2007 and died nearly died in 2008 (where very little new content was added) but, in 2009, thanks to a hefty redesign and some new content, BogGoblin hopes once again to conquer the Internets.